Margaret Fiedler McGinnis is a Chicago-born London-based musician, craftsperson and copyright and licensing professional. Under her maiden name of Fiedler, Margaret (Mags to her friends) has released numerous critically acclaimed albums with her bands Laika and Moonshake - Laika being an important influence upon Radiohead, amongst others. From playing as a teenager in a band with Moby, she's also contributed lead guitar to PJ Harvey's 14 month world tour in support of her Mercury Prize winning album Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea. Needing a change, Mags went to study law at the College of Law, gained a post-graduate law qualification and went to work at the BBC in their Music Copyright department. Dividing her time between music (a children's album and book are being planned), crafts from candles to concrete and editing a book of poetry (and considering writing a cookbook), Mags spent 2008/09 back on guitar for touring duties with Wire in support of the band's album Object 47 and contributed guitar and backing vocals to Wire's 2011 EP Strays (only available with purchase of the Wire album Red Barked Tree). Leaving the BBC in 2011 after 5 years Mags went to work at Antenna International in 2012 as their Global Licensing Manager. Now freelance as of August 2015 she is always looking for new challenges - if you've got anything artistically confounding, legally weird and wonderful or even crafty and exciting contact her here!